Google finishes up 2013 on a high note, Motorola on a low one (financially speaking)

We've grown accustomed to Google making piles of money, and the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2013 continues the trend . How big's the pile this time? $16.86 billion in revenue and almost $4 billion in income for Q4. Google's own sites accounted for around two-thirds of its inbound cash overall, and its international properties continue to be strong performers, with $8.77 billion coming in from outside the US. Motorola, for its part, brought in $1.24 billion of revenue, but continued to lose Google money to the tune of $384 million -- that's over $130 million further into the red than last quarter. No wonder Big G's eager to make that a Lenovo problem. Of course, the overall picture is a rosy one, as the company's monetary performance in 2013 consistently outpaced 2012. Naturally, we'll have more to add once we've heard Google's earnings call, so stay tuned.

[Image credit: Google]