Upcoming Saints Row duds let fans properly represent 3rd Street

Showing proper respect for the 'hood is about to get a lot easier thanks to an agreement between Saints Row developer Volition Inc. and gaming-centric clothier Insert Coin which allows the latter to release a line of garments emblazoned with Saints Row themes.

Included in the preview images on Insert Coin's site are a Saints Flow t-shirt, a classy Johnny Gat polo shirt, a hoodie sporting Saints colors and, most crucially, leggings covered in the grinning, Cheshire smile of Professor Genki. Visit Insert Coin for a full view of what the company has planned.

While there's no specific release date attached to these garments just yet, Insert Coin hopes to release the line at some point in "early 2014." Prices have also yet to be determined, but if the price tags attached to Insert Coin's line of men's tees are any indicator, expect this Saints Row merchandise to be relatively spendy.