Watch Felix Baumgartner's epic jump all over again in GoPro's Super Bowl commercial

Remember when Felix Baumgartner had the world on the edge of its seat with his daredevil Red Bull Stratos jump? Well, if you don't, and you're watching the big game this weekend, you'll likely get a good reminder thanks to a new GoPro ad. The 30 second spot shows some of the footage caught with its HD Hero 2 cameras, but is merely tease. The main event? A freshly uploaded 8-minute mini-documentary that recaps the ambitious jump from start to finish. After the break you can watch the tense moment when Baumgartner complains that he might pass-out, and then have your stomach gently return from your throat with relief at him finally, safely deploying his 'chute. The only thing is, after all that, the game might seem a little... tame?