Grand Theft Auto 5 is the best-selling game of 2013

Between a $1 billion debut and rave reviews, it's probably not a huge shock to you that Grand Theft Auto 5 was the best-selling game of 2013. Regardless, Rockstar Games' parent company Take-Two Interactive confirmed suspicions today in its financial earnings release. "Grand Theft Auto V finished as the best-selling video game of 2013," the release states, attributing that claim to NPD. "To date, Grand Theft Auto V has sold-in more than 32.5 million units."

Even with the game's mass popularity and somewhat staid approach to world-building, we can't help but commend Rockstar Games on the achievement -- we loved our time in GTA5's single-player and (occasionally troubled) online worlds. Now all we can do is hope for an even prettier version on these new game consoles (or PC, for that matter) in 2014, though we don't expect a repeat performance in the "best-selling game" category. Let's not get too crazy.