Daily App: Pedometer++ is a step logger for people who prefer things simple

Pedometer++ from Cross Forward is a solid fitness tracker that pulls its data from the M7. The app started off as a basic pedometer app that tracked your daily steps, but a recent update has transformed it into a simple step-tracking fitness log.

Pedometer++ has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces I have seen in a fitness app. The weekly step data is clearly presented in a bar chart with a line for your daily step target. You can quickly see which days you met your goal and which days you didn't. It also keeps track of your cumulative steps for the past seven days and tells you how close in percentage you are to meeting that weekly goal of X number of steps each.

Daily steps are displayed on the main screen in big letters at the top. They can also be appended to the badge in an optional setting. You can share a screenshot of your steps via email, messaging, Facebook and Twitter. A useful export setting will send your data to you via email in plain text and a CSV file.

Pedometer++ displays all the helpful step-counting data without the extra fluff. It's perfect for folks who like to track their activity level, but don't need a weight log, food log or any other log. Pedometer++ answers the question: Did I move or didn't I today? Pedometer++ also stores the data locally on your phone and does not send the data to a backend server. Consequently, there are no accounts or logins with which to fuss.

Pedometer++ is available for free from the iOS App Store. There are no ads, and a few in-app purchases allow you to tip the developer. It requires iOS 7.0 and an iPhone 5s with the M7 motion coprocessor. Though the iPad Air has an M7 chip, it does not report step counts and is not compatible with Pedometer++ and other M7-enabled apps.