Samsung loved its leather-look Note 3 so much it's revised the Galaxy S 4 design to match

Samsung tends not to hop around when it comes to design language, instead, choosing to gently sail the calmer waters of familiarity. Probably the biggest deviation from those well-worn design notes of late was the leather-look plastic back that adorned the Galaxy Note 3. We certainly preferred it to the recent smooth, fingerprint-friendly affairs found on the Galaxy S III and S 4. It seems the phone giant did too, and has released a new version of the GS 4 in Korea (Samsung Galaxy S 4 LTE-A, if you're interested) that features the same textured effect on the rear -- along with the not-so-needed faux stitching. Oh, and "rose gold" makes a comeback on the metal-look details too! So, while this might be no good to you, with your slippy-slidey OG Galaxy S-whatever, with number five potentially being just around the corner, it could be a suggestion of what it might look like.