One of London's oldest museums will offer 'After Dark' tours via robot

We've seen telepresence robots used by everyone from doctors to check on remote patients to a student who needs to attend class. Now a robot is being used for a new purpose: museum tours. Soon you'll able to stage your own Night at the Museum, after hours at London's Tate Britain through a new project called After Dark.

Unlike the movie where the exhibits come to life, in this version you'll be the unexpected thing moving around, manning one of four robots inside the museum. More spy cam than traditional tour, each robot is equipped with a spotlight that shines on exhibits heist-style as you pass by. The Workers, the creators of the project, say the robots aren't meant as a replacement for visiting the museum, and are instead designed to show the art from a different perspective, and literally, a different light. The group recently won the IK prize, a contest for digitally innovative projects that enhance public enjoyment of art. That win that scored them £60,000 to make their robotic dream a reality. Late-night tours of the Tate are expected to start at the end of the summer. Check out a video demo of the robots in action after the break.