Titanfall devs explain how the mech combat game came to be

It's strange to think Titanfall was borne from developers mulling things over in an abandoned office for two months, all sat in a circle of folding chairs. The Respawn team, led by ex-Infinity Ward devs, soon grew and grew, and with EA behind it the studio's now a month away from releasing arguably the Xbox One's most anticipated game to date.

As such, the news train is in full flow as Respawn drip-feeds info, mostly through Twitter. We now know the mech-toting shooter has an imminent beta on Xbox One and PC, and it uses codes rather than being fully open. The game itself features SmartGlass integration of some kind, but Kinect isn't supported. Finally, the Xbox 360 version was outsourced to Bluepoint, and it's due two weeks after the game hits Xbox One and PC on March 11.