Never fear, Flappy Bird is still available -- on eBay, for a thousand bucks

Less than a day after the explosively popular game Flappy Bird vanished from the App Store and Google Play, it's become available on eBay -- for hundreds of dollars. Lucky owners of the Flappy Bird app have put their phones and tablets up for bidding, with prices ranging from $460 for a black iPhone 4s with an "updated" version of the game to $1,000 for a Galaxy Tab 3 with the app pre-installed.

It's unclear if any devices have sold, though there are a few bids in the running. Maybe wait a day or two before pulling the trigger, though; some say this is all a huge publicity stunt and the app will be back up soon, while others say the developer is avoiding being sued by other game makers. You could also check out Flappy Bird clones such as Ironpants. It's free; it offers similar gameplay, if you can live without the bird character; and it doesn't require remembering your eBay password.