FreedomPop lets you save more by paying up front for cheap cellphone service

FreedomPop has been pushing a free phone plan for the masses since last October, but it's tweaked its paid option for users who need more oomph each month. Now you can pay up front for one or two years of service for $80 or $110 respectively (that's as little as $4.58 a month). In exchange, you get unlimited talk and messaging along with 500MB of data over Sprint's dustbin-bound WiMAX network for way less than what some carriers charge for a single month. Oh, and don't worry: that free plan isn't going anywhere.

While the price may sound right, FreedomPop's phone lineup hasn't exactly blown any minds. The carrier just added a $169 Samsung Galaxy S II to the mix, but the only way to use something newer is to bring it yourself. Well, that or wait a few months until FreedomPop finally jumps on the LTE phone bandwagon.