Need another reason to hate the horrible Flappy Bird clones? They steal content, too

happy bee icon compared with bee leader icon

Flappy Bee -- or "Happy Bee Game" as its title screen says -- is a Flappy Bird clone that changed its name to steal downloads from people searching the App Store for the now-removed iOS top-rated game. Flappy Bee is garbage, which is enough of a reason to hate it, but it also happens to have stolen its mascot directly from the game Bee Leader.

Greg Harding, the director of Bee Leader developer Flightless, submitted a complaint with Apple more than three days ago, but the offending app remains on the market. What's worse, Flappy Bee has been in the top 5 most popular free games for more than 48 hours, and is raking in the cash while using stolen assets.

I realize there's a protocol for this sort of thing, and the system that is in place exists so that fraudulent dispute claims can't be made against legitimate developers, but give me a break. It shouldn't take this long for an App Store scam artist to be removed, and I can only hope Flappy Bee is axed before much longer.

By the way, Bee Leader is a fantastic game that also happens to be free. I'd not had the chance to try it out prior to finding its clone, but the original game is quite fantastic. I suppose I can thank Flappy Bee for that, but Bee Leader should really be the one at the top of the popularity list rather than its poorly coded doppelgänger, so I'll make it easy for you; click anywhere on this paragraph to give Bee Leader a try.

Comparison of Bee Leader and Flappy Bee