New PlayStation Vita coming to North America this spring for $199, packs in Borderlands 2 and 8GB memory card

Thinking of coughing up your tax return to import one of those new, slimmer PlayStation Vitas? Hold up: Sony just announced that the revised handheld will see a North American release soon. According to Sony's John Koller, the portable is slated to arrive sometime this spring, complete with an 8GB memory card and a copy of Borderlands 2. The new bundle will set you back $199, but new Vita owners will have a few other titles to pick from too -- Vita versions The Sly Trilogy and The God of War Collection are both slated to hit store shelves around the same time, on April 16th and May 8th, respectively.

Koller's presentation wasn't all portable, however, he also had a few fun facts to dole out about the PlayStation 4 -- namely, its software plans. In 2014, Sony plans to launch more than 100 titles for the new home console, and the current stable of games is already being well played: Sony's latest numbers say that PS4 owners collectively spend 34 million hours playing games every week. Since launch, 172 million of those hours have been played online, and 1.7 million of them were livestreamed, allowing gamers to "celebritize themselves," as Koller puts it. It sounds like that Share button is working out after all.