Can you guess what happened to this iPhone?

iPhone destroyed in treadmill

The internet is filled with photos of destroyed Apple devices, and a simple Google search will display plenty of photos of cracked screens and water damage. But this iPhone, posted on Reddit by user Tstone11, is special.

As you can see from the photo, the device is completely destroyed, and I can't imagine there's a single functional part left on the phone. Its frame has been curved; its front and back covers are obliterated; and if not for the Apple logo shining through the cracked glass, it wouldn't even be recognizable as an iPhone.

But what could cause this amount of damage? A truck tire? A hundred swings of a massive hammer? Satan himself? No, it was a piece of gym equipment. Tstone11's description of the photo is simply "Look what happened to my sister's iPhone, caught in the belt of a treadmill." Let this be a lesson to all of you: Exercise is dangerous.

[Photo credit: Tstone11]