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Tempest 2000 remake TxK blasts its way onto PS Vita today

TxK, Jeff Minter's remake of the Atari Jaguar game Tempest 2000, will be available on PS Vita alongside the PlayStation Store update later today. In TxK, players travel down a corridor while shooting obstacles; special musical bonus stages, which players cannot fail, are scattered throughout TxK.

"We've tried to create something that is pure and beautiful in the same way as the old abstract vector-graphics arcade games, but vibrant and modern in aspect and effects as you play," Minter wrote on the PlayStation Blog. "You'll blast your way through 100 levels and 3 different game modes to keep you challenged whether you want a long session or a quick 5 minutes of gaming on the go."

Minter's TxK was originally due to launch last year. A lengthy gameplay video of TxK, available here, should give you an idea of what to expect: an explosion of color set to a thumping techno soundtrack. And perhaps a llama or two.

[Image: Llamasoft]