Daily App: Rookie is a camera app and photo editor rolled into one

Rookie Photo

Rookie is a new photo app from JellyBus, the makers of PicsPlay and Moldiv. The developers have experience with creating photography apps and it shows in Rookie.

Rookie launches as a camera app, allowing you to capture photos using the iPhone camera. Unlike the stock camera app, which is barebones, Rookie has a few handy settings that'll improve the overall quality of your photo. First and foremost is the ability to easily toggle on/off settings such as a grid, a level and a timer. You can also turn on an anti-shake feature that'll minimize blur when your subject or your hand is not so steady.

Rookie also supports live filters, allowing you to apply a filter as you take a shot. The app ships with a handful of filters and you can use an in-app purchase to upgrade to a premium pack for US$1.99. Though you can't manually change the values, Rookie does show you the ISO and shutter speed of your shot. You can use these values as a guide to adjust your environment by adding or removing light to get the shot you want. Two other useful features in Rookie are the ability to set the flash and to lock the white balance.

Rookie Photo

When you are done shooting, Rookie moves you automatically from the camera app to the photo editor, allowing you to prettify your picture in just a few simple steps. Though its controls are different from sister app PicsPlay Pro, the developers obviously know how to build a photo editor. Rookie is very easy to use with both editing and design tools available at your fingertips.

Rookie has all the standard editing tools, like Contrast, Hue & Saturation, Vibrance, Color Temperature and Tint that you need to correct flaws in photos. You can also crop and rotate as needed. On the design side, Rookie allows you to overlay text and tweak the look of your letters with a variety of fonts, outline options and color choices. There's also a handful of stickers and shapes that you can add to a photo. If you want additional choices for decorating your photo, you can purchase a sticker pack ($2.99) or a shape pack ($0.99).

Rookie is a wonderful photo editor that turns into a photographer's must-have utility with the addition of a capable camera app. It doesn't seem important on paper, but I really appreciated the combination of camera app and photo editor. I was able to go from capturing a photo to photo editing without fussing with opening multiple apps and importing photos.

Rookie definitely improved my productivity as I could take a photo and immediately start editing it, instead of my usual workflow of taking a photo and then saying I will edit it when I get a chance to open Photogene. Of course, I never get around to opening Photogene and my photos sit in my camera roll untouched.

If you enjoy taking photos with your iPhone, then you should check out Rookie. It's available for free in the iOS App Store, so you can give it a spin and see if you like it. Even though it is free, all the basic functionality you need to capture and edit a photo is included in the app. In-app purchases are included if you want to add to the number of filters, sticks and shapes at your disposal