Chromecast's Fireplace Visualizer hopes to set hearts aflame on Valentine's Day

Hey, loverboy/gal, Don Juan called to let you know that listening to Sinatra during a steak dinner isn't enough to set the mood for Valentine's Day. You need a roaring fire to induce some serious cuddling time, and that's where Chromecast's seasonal fireplace mode (that's just been redesigned for V-day) comes in. Thanks to the media player, you don't need to chop firewood to woo the person of your dreams: simply enable Fireplace Visualizer on the Google Play Music page and watch the faux flames flicker on your TV while music plays in the background. Sure, you can't roast marshmallows in it, but it still might heat up your lovelife -- assuming your date doesn't find fake fireplaces as tacky as gas station greeting cards, that is.

PS: It's not just the Chromecast team that's going all out for V-day at Google's HQ. Google+ is also celebrating the event by taking user images with people kissing in them and turning them into (shudder-inducing) GIFs replete with animated hearts.