Haiku Deck extends on-the-go presentations to iPhone

Haiku Deck presentation app screenshot

As noted here on TUAW before, the presentation tool Haiku Deck (available as an iPad app and as a beta web app) makes the chore of building out a visually compelling, effective deck for your product or story as easy as it can be. In fact, Haiku Deck's CEO Adam Tratt told me that the spark for the company's product was struck when he and his co-founder Kevin Leneway (both Microsoft alumni) found that neither one of them wanted to slog through PowerPoint to create a critical investor presentation.

Tratt and his team have remained focused on the Haiku Deck mission of "making presentations ten times more beautiful, and making people ten times better at presenting." With the iPad app as a validation of their idea and the beta web tool expanding the possible universe of deck authors, they began to notice the surge in deck views coming from those omnipresent 3" iPhone screens.

To meet that viewing demand, today the company launched the iPhone edition of Haiku Deck. Rather than scale down the iPad authoring tools, the first version for iPhone leaves out the editing capability (for now) in favor of a no-compromises viewing and presenting experience. With offline caching of your favorite decks, you've got the perfect elevator pitch tool right in your pocket.

Haiku Deck for iPhone allows you to present quickly on the device itself, or extend to VGA, HDMI or AirPlay displays for bigger audiences. You can show in landscape mode for slides-only or in portrait mode so you can read your notes as you go. If you've got an iPad with Haiku Deck installed, the iPhone app can act as a remote control for the iPad's display of the deck.

Meanwhile, the iPad and web apps have been souped up with new features, including a slick charting engine and a featured presentation gallery. The iPad app allows you to export presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote formats, and you can now pull in your personal images from, Facebook or Dropbox while putting together your deck.

Haiku Deck for both iPad and iPhone is free in the App Store, with in-app purchases available on the iPad app to expand your authoring options. If you spend any time creating presentations, it's worth a look.