iTranslate Voice delivers version 2.0 with new features and faster performance

iTranslate Voice app icon

When I looked at iTranslate Voice in 2012, I though it was like science fiction. It lets you speak to your iOS device in one language, and hear any of 36 other languages come back. It's a powerful application for world travelers and anyone who must speak or interpret a foreign language.

Version 2.0 (US$0.99) is now available. It's been redesigned for iOS 7 and is a universal binary. The app supports the new iOS 7 offline voices, making translations faster. This update also improves AirTranslate, which uses Bluetooth to communicate with another device running the app. Voice recognition is claimed to be faster and more accurate.

Other useful features include the ability to repeat a spoken translation, and copying the text for use in an email or SMS.

Text can be edited if need be to make changes. Voices seem very clear in this latest version, and speed is good on WiFi, 3G or LTE. Note that the app requires an internet connection to reach the translation server.

I tried the app and found the speed of translation quite fast. I speak some German, and the app seemed to get the translation right in both directions. Reviews of the previous versions of the app have been strong.

Of course, the app is designed for short sentences. Don't expect uninterrupted translation as someone delivers a speech, for example.

There are quite a few translators out there, including a free one from Google. The Google app doesn't support cut and paste, and doesn't have iOS 7 optimizations as yet. Still, for free, it's powerful.

iTraslate Voice has always been a top-rated translator, and with version 2 it's even better.