Life's good at Lenovo: shipping tons of tablets, making lots of money

Lenovo may be the world's biggest PC maker, but it's clearer than ever that much of the company's growth now comes from mobile. The Chinese tech giant has reported a 30 percent year-over-year jump in its calendar fourth quarter profit ($265 million) that's owed partly to massive spikes in non-PC shipments. Its smartphone deliveries grew by 47 percent to 13.9 million, and its tablet volume tripled to 3.4 million -- apparently, the Yoga Tablet has been flying off the shelves. The combined mobile units were enough to eclipse computer shipments of 15.3 million, and "PC Plus" devices (phones, TVs and tablets) represented 16 percent of its total revenue versus the 11 percent from late 2012. That's no mean feat when Lenovo just managed to rake in its highest-ever revenue, at $10.8 billion. And remember, this is all before the company finishes acquiring Motorola's phone business; its best times may still be ahead.