Massively's Valentine's Day roundup

When a mob hits your eye with a big sharpened spike... that's not really amore! In fact, it's downright painful. But it's February -- a time when love is in the air, hearts are aflutter everywhere, and pink and red festoon your favorite MMOs. So in the spirit of the season, go ahead and give that mob an extra-hard love tap, right from... er, to the heart! And don't forget to collect whatever treasures it had for you because we all know Valentine's Day isn't all about the love; no, it's about the loot!

Want to know where to get your hands on something special for this holiday? There are plenty of celebrations throughout the MMOverse offering a plethora of events and goodies. Check out some of the various Valentine's events and specials going on now.

Age of Wushu: Season of Love - In ancient China, love is celebrated through cultivating flowers and hewing down world bosses! Players can defend their schools from invading world bosses, participate in skill competitions, or plant and tend flowers that can be exchanged for various items and actions (like slap and sweet kiss) from the event NPC. And those who aren't into anything as strenuous as growing flowers can earn a reward just for speaking in the World Chat Channel. (Ends February 28th)

Aion: Love is in the Aether - Daevas can participate in repeatable quests that offer flowers to the guys and chocolates to the gals, but it is only when they exchange those gifts with each other that they get the 30-minute buffs! (Ends February 26th)

Allods Online: Dress to Impress your Valentine! - From a limited-edition wings to a discount on all wedding accoutrements (suits, champagne, rings, and gifts) to some seasonal lingerie to wear underneath at all, players are invited to show their love with style!

Anno Online: Valentine's Day event - It's all about sharing the love, from quests to new achievements to even marriage! Collect hearts and buy chocolates, roses, statues, and even a love garden. (Ends February 18th)

Blade & Soul Korea - Black fishnet stockings and red corsets are just part of the new outfits available just for Valentine's Day.

Champions Online: Heartstring Lockbox - Snag some themed loot by helping one of Millennium City's newest hero, the archer Heartstring, recover Valentine's themed items from villains. Costumes, bow weapon skins, new armor, and even a unique new grav bike can all be found in Heartstring Lockbox drops.

DC Universe Online - Completing this year's Love is in the Air mission for new love-themed styles. Adn if you didn't finish last year's love will Find a Way mission, do it now and get the those styles and treats as well! Players can also try for four base items added to the vaults: the heart bed, tub, rug, and the romantic canopy. (Ends February 16th)

EverQuest: Erollisi Day - The annual celebration in honor of the goddess Erollisi Marr offers special achievements, limited-time quests, and plenty of special gifts. (Ends February 19th)

EverQuest II: Erollisi Day - The second iteration of the annual Erollisi Marr celebration adds new rewards for quests as well as new items to purchase with all the Valentine's candies and love notes found on mobs throughout Norrath. Players can also grab some special items designed by other players in the Marketplace. (Ends February 19th)

Forsaken World: Cherished Sale of Love - Get a special deal on all wedding items, makeover and hairstyling tokens, and even a pink llama mount for a limited time. (Ends February 15th)

Final Fantasy XIV: Valentione's Day - Celebrate the tale of the Countess Arabelle de Valentione and her quest for true love by helping Ser Larsonient ensure that no love goes unrequited! Event rewards from the limited-time quests include heart-themed outfits and items. (Ends February 17th)

Grand Theft Auto Online: Valentine's Day Massacre Special - Though available to acquire only for a limited time, the new weapon, vehicle, attire, and 10 new jobs introduced with this update will permanently stay in your inventory once collected.

League of Legends - Send your Valentine a special LoL card!

Lineage 2: The Power of Love - Collect love potions buffs (that also change the appearance of your weapons) from mobs and eat special buff treats from the Coco Brownie. (Ends February 26th)

Mabinogi: Doki Doki Island - A new update that introduced a romantic island with a new soulmate system, new minigames, and daily quests.

PlanetSide 2 - Show your ride some love with Empire-specific decals.

RIFT: The Festival of Mariel-Taun - Players will literally kiss their way through achievements and earn new titles and dye packs. So start /kissing! (Ends February 18th)

Runes of Magic - Pink hearts fill the sky on Valentine's Day, and players can get a special deal on themed housing items, costumes, even a candlelit dinner! (Ends February 17th)

RuneScape - Be a Treasure Hunter and collect love notes to trade in for pro- or anti-Valentine loot, emotes, and titles. (Ends February 24th)

Spiral Knights - Buy special holiday-themed items to give as gifts or keep for yourself. (Ends February 15th)

TERA - Join the party on the island of Dawn (channel 2) on Celestial Hills for trivia and a prizes on Friday the 14th at 9:00 p.m. EST. Players can also find themed loot in open-world BAMS and buy gifts rfom the gifting center. (Ends February 18)

World of Warcraft: Love is in the Air - Collect seasonal mounts and pets, fight Apothecary Hummel, or just lounge around in themed costumes this Valentine's in Azeroth. The really Players can participate in daily quests to earn the love tokens needed to buy special holiday-themed items.

If you don't see your favorite game's special holiday listed here, let us know! Share anything we've missed (and include a link!) in the comments below.