BigRep's ONE can 3D print full-sized pieces of furniture

While consumer 3D printers are cheaper and more efficient than ever before, their small size often means designers are limited to creating hand-sized models and figurines. With the launch of its open-source ONE printer, German studio BigRep is looking to expand things quite significantly, by letting you print your own full-sized pieces of furniture. With a build volume of 45 x 39 x 47 inches (that's 46 cubic feet), BigRep's machine can fashion things out of the usual plastics, but can also be tweaked to print using a mixture of wood fibers and polymers, as well as Laybrick, a sandstone-type filament. If you fancy crafting a new side table for your home or office, the ONE will set you back a hefty $39,000 -- just make sure you have plenty of spare room in your garage.