Daily App: Photofy lets you express yourself through photos


Photofy is a photo editing app for creative types who want to express themselves through photos, but don't have the time or artistic talent to do everything from scratch. The app allows you to take a memorable moment captured by your camera or a stock photo and add your sentiments through the use of text, borders, stickers and sayings.


Photofy is stuffed full of pre-made content including 4,000 stickers, 2,000 backgrounds, and 90+ fonts. A lot of this content, though, is provided by professional designers and is locked behind an in-app purchase. Very much like a stock photo app, Photofy promotes select artists by offering their photos, stickers and other designs for a fee. It's slightly annoying to see all the lock icons on the content, but that is how the developers decided to support the contributing artists. Pricing on the in-app purchases ranges between 99-cents and $2.99 and is very reasonable for the high-quality media that you receive.

The app is very easy to use. Just add a photo by snapping it with your camera or importing it from either your photo roll or a third-party service like Dropbox, Flickr and others. Photofy also has its own stock photos that you can use for creations that are meant to convey a message and don't require personal photographs. Once you have selected your photo, you can add stickers, custom text, preset text sayings like "Go For It" and frames to your image. Each item you add to a photo is a distinct layer that can be rotated, edited, and moved to the forefront or back, which is extremely useful for positioning text so it overlays a sticker, for example.


When you are done editing, you can save your creation to your photo roll and share it via messaging, social networks or third-party storage services. The list of supported services includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, Google+ and messaging. The app also supports sending an HTML version of the card via email as a passaGram ecard. Be careful when tapping the share button as you cannot go back and edit your creation. The finished prodcut is saved by default to the photo roll for safekeeping, though.

Photofy is available as a universal app from the iOS app Store. It is free, but includes in-app purchases to unlock media like stickers and backgrounds within the app.