Latest EverQuest patch implements controvertial changes to AAs, skills

Change is rarely easy, but EverQuest's most recent patch comes with controversial changes that some community members are less than thrilled about while others herald as long overdue. After receiving feedback on the proposed changes to Alternate Advancement points and abilities (namely that Gold members would be granted a huge portion of AAs and classes would no longer be able to fight 100+ mobs at a single time with specific skills), SOE made some adjustments. Specifically, Gold level members must now opt-in to receive the AA grant that will give everything up to the most recent four expansions (with the exception of Spell Casting Subtlety and Tradeskill Mastery AAs, which must be earned as normal). Other AA changes include the conversion of Leadership AAs to standard abilities.

On top of that, a number of spells and abilities now have limits to prevent players from fighting mass swarms of mobs, and Heroic Adventures will no longer lock, allowing players to be added to them at any time. The patch, which goes live today, also included a change that only affects the Firiona Vie server. The XP potions that players farmed and sold will no longer be a source of income; although all current potions already in game will remain tradable for now, all future ones will be non-tradable.