Loop's mobile payment Fob now available online for iOS devices

When we were introduced to Loop in October, the mobile payments company was just launching its Kickstarter campaign. The idea was different than an NFC-based mobile payment service (such as Isis or Google Wallet): using a 3.5mm Fob attached to your phone, you can make purchases on almost any point-of-sale system that accepts credit cards. Fortunately, Loop has kept busy the last few months; not only was its crowdfunding campaign a success, it also secured plenty of additional financing on its own. Now that the Fob (shown above) has made its way to Kickstarter backers, interested buyers in the US finally get their chance to buy the $39 device and its corresponding iOS LoopWallet app, which serves as the hub for all of your credit, gift and loyalty cards. An Android version is still in the works and will be ready in April, and there's no word on when it'll reach other parts of the globe. Check out the video below for a closer look at how Loop works.