5TB hard drives are here, shipping now in select LaCie products

25 terabytes of storage in a single standalone cube? That's now possible, thanks to Seagate's new 5TB hard drive. You can pair the LaCie 5big Network 2 five-bay NASThunderbolt series with up to five individual 5-terabyte drives for a maximum of 25TB of storage for less than two three grand. Based on the $300 price difference between the 15TB kit ($1,299) and the 10TB version ($999), we imagine you'll be able to max out the RAID device about $1,900, once these gigantic drives become available for purchase individually. For now, you'll need to settle for one of the two above configurations, available directly from LaCie beginning today. The 5big is available in a 10TB config (two drives) for $999, while doubling the storage will also double the price. You can even max the thing out with five drives for 25TB of storage for a cool $2,500. If smaller capacities are what you're after, LaCie's 2big is available with a pair of the new 5-terabyte drives for $899, or in a single configuration with the $449 d2.

Update: We never like to strikethrough any content, let alone four full lines, but after hearing from LaCie, we have a bit more clarity when it comes to the company's new product offerings. The 5TB drive will be available in three products (outlined above), but not the aforementioned NAS. Ultimately, that's great news for consumers -- you can opt for a single-drive (5-terabyte) config for just $449.