Volvo tests grocery delivery to connected cars instead of your home

We've seen connected cars do a lot of things, and now they could save those precious minutes you spend at a drive-thru pickup or the hassle of missing a FedEx stop. At Mobile World Congress, Volvo is set to demo it's "ground-breaking" Roam Delivery service concept (developed with help from Ericsson) that brings your purchases to your vehicle wherever it happens to be parked. Why, you ask? Well, the company cites the headaches that surround missing the UPS driver and having to coordinate a second attempt. Once an order is placed online and your vehicle of choice is selected as the drop-off, a courier is given GPS coordinates to that location and a one-time use digital key. After accepting the delivery via smartphone or tablet, the digital key is activated, allowing access to the trunk and disappears once the goods have been placed inside and your car is locked. Although no retail partners have been announced just yet, Volvo has been running a pilot program and found 92% of the participants preferred the convenience of a mobile delivery over the necessity of being at home. As far as we're concerned, the fewer packages left out on the stoop, the better.