Cook better bacon with the Better Bacon Book for iOS

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Kelly Hodgkins
February 21, 2014 11:00 AM
Cook better bacon with the Better Bacon Book for iOS

Better Bacon

Do you find bacon irresistible? Then you are going to love the Better Bacon Book from Open Air publishing. The book-style iOS app walks you through the preparation and cooking of our favorite sliced meat. With its handy tips and a cookbook filled with bacon-infused recipes, the Better Bacon app will help you cook some of the best bacon you've ever eaten.

Better Bacon

Written by expert butcher and bacon expert Tom Mylan, the app includes 20 video tutorials and a wealth of written information that describes the process of preparing bacon. The comprehensive set of instructions start with the pig and end at the plate, with most of the information in this DIY part focusing on bacon preparation, including getting the right cuts of pork and smoking it the correct way.

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The other half of the book contains recipes from top chefs that help you prepare bacon in a variety of ways. More than just a primer on breakfast food, the Better Bacon book shows you how to make everything from bacon breakfast pizza to bacon-infused cocktails.

Better Bacon

The Better Bacon book is easy to navigate, with a few extra features like bookmarking, sharing and search that add to the experience. Being a food-oriented app, it's also very visual -- filled with eye-catching images and videos of bacon. The only thing missing from the experience was the aroma of the bacon, but you will have to provide that yourself.

The Better Bacon app is available for free from the iOS App Store. It's a universal app and requires iOS 5.1 and later.

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