Opera's Sponsored Web Pass gives you free mobile internet if you watch an ad

Did you know that people like free stuff? Opera knows, which is why it's now launching an ad-supported version of its Web Pass platform. Mobile operators can now easily take advantage of this tool to not only sell duration-based passes (like unlimited browsing for a day or just Twitter for a week), but to also offer them for free. The catch? You just have to watch an ad before each session begins, which doesn't sound too painful. Users also have to stick with the Opera Mini browser, in order to leverage its cloud-assisted web compression technology. We're talking about saving up to 80 percent of data traffic here, hence the cheap or even free web passes -- like Malaysia's DiGi offering unlimited browsing via Opera Mini for just $0.60 per day.

Of course, you can still use Opera Mini to save money in other scenarios, especially when data roaming. With the upcoming Opera Max service, smartphone users can save even more by having their app and video traffic compressed. If you're based in the US or Western Europe, you can now go ahead and pre-register for the Opera Max's open beta.