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Apple and Samsung headed for another patent trial in March after failing to reach a settlement

It's back to court for Apple and Samsung. After an attempt at settling their latest patent dispute, the two companies will begin another trial in March, according to a filing with the US district court in San Jose. To be clear, this isn't a re-trial of the case that Apple brought back in 2011 -- you know, the one where Samsung was made to pay nearly a billion dollars in damages. No, this is a new case, one that addresses a different set of patents, and one that names more recent devices, like the GS3. For now, it's unclear how much money is at stake, though experts cited by The Wall Street Journal claim that the damages could be higher this time around, given that the case includes newer Samsung devices that sold even better than the products named in the earlier suit. All will be revealed in March, we suppose. We'll be back then reporting any major developments -- even if we're as sick of these patent wars as you are.