Huawei's first smartband has a pop-out earpiece for voice calls (video)

Huawei hasn't exactly been keeping quiet about its very own wearable device, so today's announcement of its TalkBand B1 should be no surprise to anyone. As shown in the earlier leaks, it has a 1.4-inch flexible OLED display on the band, but what hasn't been obvious until now is that it also supports wireless calling -- there's a removable earpiece tucked inside it, which explains the 14.6mm-thick bulk. Like any good wearable, the device also has fitness tracking features: It records how many steps you've taken, how far you've travelled and how many calories you've burned. It's also a sleeping pattern monitor, so you can use the smart alarm function to wake up at the optimal time. There's NFC here for pairing with phones, and the 90mAh battery promises six days worth of usage (but takes two hours to charge up). There's no price announced just yet, but the B1 will be out in China next month, whereas Japan, the Middle East, Russia and Western Europe will have to wait until Q2 2014.

Update 1: Huawei's Richard Yu just announced that the TalkBand will be available for €99.

Update 2: We've been hands-on with the TalkBand and now it sorta makes sense! Check out the video after the break.