LG's L Series III budget smartphones (hands-on)

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LG's L Series III budget smartphones (hands-on)

We just caught our first glimpse of LG's L Series III mid- to low-range smartphones, and though they weren't the stars of LG's MWC 2014 event (that would be LG's G Pro 2), at least it's trying to do something different with them. First off, all three devices (the 3.5-inch L40, 4.5-inch L70 and 4.7-inch L90) will share the high-end model's new KnockOn software, which brings tap-to-unlock from a locked screen. Secondly, all three phones pack Android 4.4.2 KitKat, a welcome addition considering how much that version helps lower-end devices run more smoothly. You can even get the L70 and L90 with smart covers that can show the time and other notifications without cracking them open.

As for fit and finish, while the handsets are clearly budget models in terms of materials, there are some nice touches like textured back covers on the L70 and L90. KitKat keeps things running pretty smoothly, despite the tame 1.2GHz dual-core chips installed in all three devices. Unfortunately, the low-res displays (960 x 540 for the L90, 800 x 400 for the L70 and 480 x 320 on the L40) were not very contrasty and had poor viewing angles, but that's part for the course on devices in that category. There's no pricing or availability yet, but we imagine LG will have to keep them low to compete, despite having some nice software options.

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