Update to Windows 8.1 coming this spring with more hardware options, benefits for non-touch users

We may be at a mobile show this week, but Microsoft is making some announcements on the Windows side. VP Joe Belfiore, at an event this afternoon, has announced that an update is coming to Windows 8.1 this Spring, which will offer more hardware options, benefits for non-touch users and some changes to the user interface. It brings support to devices at lower price points that have as little as 1GB of RAM and 16GB storage, enables app launching and switching via the taskbar and a new mouse user interface with new options for closing apps and right-clicking to get to the Start screen.

Despite the update's attention on users of non-touch devices, Belfiore exclaimed: "we love touch, but we do want to make things better for people who don't have touchscreens." We'll update the post as we hear more about this new update.