Mt. Gox reportedly subpoenaed by the feds, CEO confirms leaked proposal was legit

The strange days of (former?) Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox continue. In a conversation with an industry consultant posted by Fox Business, its CEO Mark Karpeles confirmed that a PDF leaked by The Two Bit Idiot is "more or less" legitimate. According to Karpeles, it was a "bunch of proposals to deal with the issue at hand, not things that are actually planned and/or done." The Wall Street Journal reports its sources confirm that federal prosecutors sent a subpoena to Mt. Gox earlier this month, requiring it to preserve documents. Since the exchange turned out the lights last night, the price of Bitcoin has actually risen again, and is currently showing a buy price of $581 on Coinbase. While the digital currency itself seems to be moving on, what's next for Mt. Gox is unclear. Karpeles sent an email to Reuters indicating an official statement will come "soonish," -- not too soon, we expect, for those waiting to find out what's happened to their funds.