PlayStation 4 Japan launch reaps 322K sales in opening weekend

The PlayStation 4 sold 322,083 units across its opening weekend in Japan, according to numbers published this morning by Famitsu. The console hit the country's retail shelves last week, some three months after launching across North America and Europe.

The PS4's launch in Japan only marginally exceeds the Wii U's - Nintendo's system achieved 308,570 sales in its first two days - but it's a huge step up from the corresponding 88,400 sales of the PS3 launch. Siliconera notes that, according to Famitsu's archives, the PS2 shifted a whopping 630,552 systems when it launched in Japan just under 14 years ago.

Last week, Sony announced it's sold more than 5.3 million PS4 systems since the Western launch in November 2013, meaning the console's already surpassed fiscal goals. We'll hear more about how Japan factors into the total sales in the coming months, not least in May when the company's expected to announce its financial results for the fiscal year.

[Image: Sony]