Tesla's feature-packed Model S tops Consumer Reports' 2014 auto picks

Tesla's Model S has scored an inordinate amount of coverage since its inception some five years ago, but there's perhaps no honor greater than landing the premier spot in Consumer Reports' Top Picks. 2014's award-winning autos also include Toyota's Prius in the green category and Audi's A6 in the top luxury slot, but the Tesla Model S scored Best Overall, despite an unfortunate battery fire and that infamous report in The New York Times. Minor setbacks aside, the EV has performed phenomenally in many reviews and safety tests, and with Superchargers now available throughout the US, it's possible to take the Model S on a cross-country road trip without spending a cent on fuel.

As for this most recent win, Consumer Reports cites the vehicle's "blistering acceleration, razor-sharp handling, compliant ride, and versatile cabin," along with its "massive, easy-to-use 17-inch touch screen... totally keyless operation, full Internet access, and ultra-quiet, zero-emission driving experience." Overall, a very solid achievement for Mr. Musk.