Xbox One gets gameplay broadcasting in March update (update)

Xbox One owners eagerly awaiting Titanfall should be glad to hear that the Xbox One's gameplay broadcasting functionality will light up ahead of the game's March 11th launch. Included in the second half of the first big Xbox One update is Twitch gameplay broadcasting, enabling users to share gameplay via (similar functionality already exists in Sony's PlayStation 4). That update is expected just ahead of March 11th (and Twitch functionality is listed as coming directly on March 11th itself).

Gameplay broadcasting on Xbox One was one of the tentpole features touted at the console's unveil event last year -- the service was delayed ahead of launch, with Xbox lead Marc Whitten telling us at CES to expect it before gaming's big trade show in June. No real reason is given for the delay; Xbox marketing lead Yusuf Mehdi told the AP that Sony's version of gameplay broadcasting is, "too limiting," and Microsoft wanted to take its time to get it right. It's not clear what that actually means in practice just yet, but rest assured we're asking Microsoft for more info.

Update: Microsoft detailed the service a bit more this morning. Twitch on Xbox One has at least one feature unavailable on PlayStation 4: the ability to archive streams right from the console. There's also a video showing the service in action (that we've dropped below the break).