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Volvo announces new 'human machine interface' and it looks a lot like a tablet (video)

Tesla isn't the only automaker with a tablet-like center console. Volvo's latest "human machine interface" will debut at next week's Geneva Motor Show -- however, it could be a bit simpler than what we've seen from the competition. The screen is divided into tiles, with navigation, media and vehicle info up top and secondary features including phone and climate controls further down. As Volvo tells it, this reduces visual noise, keeps typical controls where you would expect them to be and makes using them while driving safer as a result. Climate control remains the default screen but should you select another function, you'll still have access to it onscreen. In fact this goes for all functions: when another tile is selected, it expands to cover a bigger area, but other controls remain accessible on a smaller scale. The outfit says the tech will arrive in its XC90 crossover SUV this fall.