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Netflix engineers experiment with bump-based video sharing and sleep tracking

Netflix uses its internal Hack Day competitions to encourage new thinking around its streaming video service, and its latest event has produced a few clever experiments that we wouldn't mind seeing in finished apps. One of them, Netflix Beam, uses Apple's Bluetooth-based iBeacon technology to share Netflix videos between iOS devices just by bumping them together. Another effort uses a Fitbit to check if you fall asleep mid-movie; if you do, you can resume from the point where you nodded off. Other handy Hack Day inventions include gamepad-friendly text entry, custom playlists and PIN-protected profiles. Netflix warns that these projects may never reach its public-facing software, but they're still worth checking out to see what the company's engineers are thinking. We've posted two of the pitch videos (Beam and the sleep tracker) below, and you can see a few more at the source link.