Let It Go wants you to get some things off your chest

Life can be frustrating, but given the sheer number of hours most people work these days finding time to vent those frustrations can be difficult. Let it Go wants to help you let it out. Think of it as Snapchat for the soul if you will.

Let It Go's interface is simple; tap the arrow in the top right hand corner of the screen you'll be given a text menu. Here you write down the things that are bothering you.

Your message can be literally anything from "Sometimes I feel like my friends only hang out with me because we've known each other for years" to "I hate Iron Man 3 and hope Captain America 2 lives up to the expectations I have for it." If you haven't finished describing your problem you can also "save as draft." When you've finished your idea hit "done."

You'll see this screen.

Once you agree to "let it go" your idea is released. The app will delete what you typed randomly between 1 and 72 hours after you release it. You can see which ideas you've "released recently" on the app's home screen, at least until they're obliterated from the world. Ideas that are waiting to be deleted are tagged "Releasing" on the home menu. If you click the "Releasing" icon you'll be brought up to a glowing animated screen. After a few weeks of playing with this app I still have no idea what this screen is for. Perhaps meditation.

Let It Go is obviously not for everyone, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be very helpful for some people. At first I laughed at the idea. Then I actually spent some time with it, honestly inputing actual problems and frustrations that were bogging me down. It took 42 hours for my first "released" thought to actually disappear from the app. In the time I was waiting for it to vanish I checked the app six times to see if it was still there. When It was gone I felt a sense of release I wasn't expecting.

In a way Let It Go is a simulation of the process of recovery and emotional healing. To truly heal you have to first acknowledge your problems. But acknowledging your problems doesn't immediately send the anxiety away. It has to leave on its own, until one moment you look and the problem isn't sitting right in front of you anymore.

Let It Go is a free app that only requires as much time as you need to give it. Think of it as a time management app for the soul, a quiet place on your phone where you can go to vent about life without having to worry about someone seeing what you wrote.

As we get busier and busier it becomes harder to find time to process the issues that are bothering us. For people who are shy and introverted Let It Go could very easily become an app that helps bring them a little peace. It's worth trying out to discover if it would bring you some.