Pizza Hut's concept touch table lets you swipe your way to a perfect pie (video)

With hundreds of mom and pop shops in the New York area, it's been upwards of a decade since I've stepped foot in a Pizza Hut. But the fast food giant's latest dining concept may just have me reconsidering that self-imposed chain pizzeria embargo. The interactive table, created in partnership with Chaotic Moon Studios, lets you visualize your order as you construct it. Pick your crust, select your sauce and cheese (half or whole), then add toppings like chicken, mushrooms and peppers to your liking. You can even double down on calories by rounding out your meal with a serving of cheese sticks, Spicy Asian wings or Hershey's Chocolate Dunkers. Just keep in mind that after all that touching, your fingers will be coated in varying levels of greasy stranger danger -- be sure to wash your hands before your pie arrives!