Harmony's $150 Smart Keyboard remote comes to living rooms this month

Logitech is bringing a new entry to the lineup of Harmony remotes centered around its Hub. At a price of $150 this Harmony Smart Keyboard will retail for only twenty dollars more than the Harmony Smart Control, but trades in the simple and small remote for a keyboard. Like the rest of the Hub compatible line, it controls a long list of devices including the Apple TV, Roku or Xbox One, with support for IR, RF and Bluetooth. This means you can hide the (included) Hub away in a cabinet with your receiver, game consoles and set-top boxes with little regard for where the remote is pointed.

The keyboard make quick work of searching for content when connected to a PC or Mac as well as media streamers and game consoles. Like any Harmony remote, it makes controlling up to eight devices in your home theater simple via Activities, and has buttons to control playback as well as volume. While we loved the Hub when we tested it, we have never felt the same way about a keyboard in the living room - and this is especially true now that we can use a smartphone or tablet as a keyboard. If you're willing to give QWERTY on the couch another chance, check it out on the website and look for the device hitting stores later this month.