Microsoft's got a wireless display fix in the works for Surface users

Sure, the Surface 2 supports Miracast, giving you the power to beam the contents of your screen wirelessly to some other, larger display. But not everyone has a compatible HDTV, which leaves us with that messy wired situation and that's no good for 2014. Ah, but there is a solution on the way and it's one Microsoft is hiding (in plain FCC sight) for the time being. That accessory, non-creatively dubbed the Surface Wireless Display Adapter, is none other than an HDMI dongle Microsoft's crafted to enable wireless mirroring for those of you with Surface 2's, or Pro 2's, and out of date HDTV sets. The filing doesn't reveal much about the adapter's design, but we do know that it supports dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n and could possibly see the light of day sometime this August. Or at least, that's when the filing's short-term confidentiality agreement is up. Regardless, at some point this year, you'll have another surface on which to surface the contents of your Surface. You get the point.