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Dyson's latest Cool series 'bladeless' fans are 75 percent quieter

For those without the luxury of central air conditioning, summer can often be a season of roaring wind machines that plague your attempts at peaceful sleep. But there's hope on the horizon: Dyson has revamped its fan tech and toned down the decibels with its Cool series of "bladeless" fans. Easily mistaken for chihuahua accelerators, these fans are the successors to Dyson's 2009 Air Multiplier line, which offered a breakthrough design at perhaps a too-precious price. The new Cool series, which we caught a glimpse of earlier this year, are up to 75 percent quieter than the previous models (with the small AM06 issuing the least noise of the bunch), and the difference is definitely noticeable. This time around, the fans put all the controls into a handy remote with 10 airflow settings and a sleep timer that can be set for up to nine hours. If you can handle the sticker shock, the entire Cool fan range including the AM06 ($300), AM07 ($400) and AM08 ($450) are available at Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond or starting March 6th.