Evernote for Android now supports handwritten notes

No matter how great your Android keyboard is, sometimes good old handwriting is the best way to take notes in a meeting or jot down your next big idea. If carrying a notebook with you everywhere isn't your style, starting today you can create digital handwritten notebooks using Evernote's Android app. To use the feature, just tap the pen icon at the top right of any new note. A spotted canvas will appear, and you're free to write with your finger or stylus to your heart's content. There are four color and three thickness options if you're feeling creative, and audio and text files can be added to the same page to spice things up. Like everything else in Evernote, your handwritten notes are searchable, so you'll be able to find what you're looking for later on. In addition to handwriting, Evernote dropped a few other updates for Android users: an improved note editor and a faster camera. You can get everything now by downloading the latest version of the app by heading over to Google Play.