Square Enix polling Kingdom Hearts fans about series past, future

Kingdom Hearts 3 will conclude the decade-long battle of Sora and his friends, but it won't mark the end of the series. Future plans include the eventual release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix, but a recent post from Square Enix on the series' Facebook page suggests new games beyond the HD remakes and the numerical sequel. The survey polls fans on their preferred gaming platforms and their general thoughts on the series, including preferred pre-order incentives and their favorite overall game.

Fans can chip in their thoughts until March 14, when the survey will presumably "die" before revealing its second, third and fourth final forms. If you'd prefer to see Disney worlds that have yet to be featured in the series or to retain Donald as your sidekick mage in all future games, now's your chance to be heard by Square Enix.

[Image: Square Enix]