First-gen Kindle Paperwhite gets second-gen features, at last

First-gen Kindle Paperwhite owners are woefully missing a bunch of features, including Goodreads integration, available on the device's successor. Thankfully, this latest software refresh brings their e-readers up to par -- and, yes, that means early Paperwhite adopters can now place The Winds of Winter on their to-read roster from within the device. Just like on the second-gen Paperwhite, Goodreads' familiar "g" icon should appear on the menu bar after installing the software. Clicking it will launch the app where users can segregate books into lists, share digital bookshelves, look for weekend reads or post excerpts.

Those who don't particular care for the Amazon-owned service might enjoy the other new features more, though. For parents, there's the FreeTime function, which allows them to make profiles for their kids and monitor their reading habits. The update also gives users the power to customize e-book list categories (Cloud Collections), skim books without losing the page they're on (Page Flip) and easily organize bookmarks, highlights and notes. When people look up words, they'll now see dictionary, Wikipedia and X-Ray information, and those words get automatically added to Vocabulary Builder. Finally, they can now read footnotes in-line without having to go to another page.

An over-the-air update with all the new features is rolling out to first-gen Paperwhites over the next few weeks. People who've had enough of waiting, however, can manually download the software refresh right now from Amazon's website.