Jawbone updates its Android app with wireless syncing and push notifications (updated)

If you own a Jawbone fitness tracker, you may have read last week that the company made some changes to its app. Unfortunately for some of us, the updates were all for iOS only -- in fact, the company didn't even bother to mention Android that day. Turns out, Jawbone had a good reason: it was planning an update for the Android app that brings it more in line with its iOS counterpart. In particular, it now fully supports the wireless Up24 band, which is to say it syncs wirelessly and sends out push notifications (e.g., you're about to hit your daily step goal). In addition, the app includes most of the new features that were introduced on iOS last week -- things like sunrise/sunset times in the sleep graph and "Insight Reports," which establish a connection between things like how much sleep you got and what foods you're likely to crave the next day. So, even if you own an older Up band you'll want to head over to Google Play straight away.

Update: An earlier version of this story reported that the Android app would be missing the new features that were just introduced on the iOS version last week. A Jawbone rep later said that the Android app would, in fact, include most of these features, with the exception of custom reminders.