Former TV bigwigs are going after 'super-fans' with new online video service

Another day, another upstart streaming video service. The latest contender to enter the fray is Tapp, the subscription-based brainchild of former CNN president Jon Klein and former NBC Universal Television chairman Jeff Gaspin. So what's got a bunch of big name investors (including Google's Eric Schmidt) so worked up? Well, Tapp (which is short for the profoundly uncatchy "TV App") is centered around a series of video channels for your smartphones and smart TVs that are tailored to specific niches like sports, politics, science and fitness. Unlike Hulu or Netflix though, you'll pay $10 a month for each of the channels you actually want. That may sound a little steep, but these guys are banking on the star power of their hosts to make those channels worth paying for. For now the list of personalities is a mystery, though the New York Post reports that Sarah Palin may be one of the first -- we'll find out for sure when Tapp goes live in a few weeks.