AtmoBar brings Netatmo weather data to the Mac

AtmoBar App for Mac OS X

A few years back I reviewed Netatmo, a personal weather station that delivers information on both inside and outside temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide level, and other bits of information about your home's comfort. The device syncs to an iOS app, so you're never more than a tap away from current data and history regarding your personal comfort. Recently I heard about an OS X app that places the Netatmo information in your Mac's menu bar. AtmoBar (US$2.99) is in the Mac App Store now, and it's a very slick way of looking at your weather data with a click.

As you'd expect, AtmoBar installs easily from the Mac App Store. Once it is launched, there's just one thing you have to do -- log into your Netatmo account. Once that's done, you see the current outdoor and indoor temperatures in your menu bar.

With a click, a dropdown appears with detailed information, including the outdoor and indoor temperatures, barometric pressure indoors, outdoor and indoor humidity, and the indoor sound and CO2 levels. The outdoor and indoor temperatures are also graphed from midnight to the current time.

Click disclosure triangles on the dropdown, and you're greeted with more graphs for all of the items that are not graphed by default. Unfortunately, the popup graphs need a little work. For example, some of the graphs had no scale on the vertical axis (see humidity outdoor graph image in the slideshow), or had metric values where they should have been imperial values (see pressure indoor graph image in the slideshow).

Still, it's a good start for an app and a wonderful companion app for Mac users who happen to have the Netatmo weather station in their homes. With a few fixes, this app will become indispensable for Netatmo users.