MSI supercharges its high-end gaming laptops with NVIDIA Maxwell graphics

It happens every time. NVIDIA unveils its latest GPU architecture, and all your favorite gaming laptops are suddenly getting refreshed internals. And why not? The new silicon promises screaming performance, improved battery life and support for GeForce Experience's ShadowPlay and GameStream features. Naturally, MSI couldn't wait to get its hands on the new technology, and has outfitted its GT Dominator and GE Apache gaming laptops with NVIDIA's new 800M Series GPUs.

That said, most of the GT and GE notebooks internals are the same as yesterday's models: fourth-generation Intel Core i7 processors, dual-SSD "Super RAID" storage configurations and customizable LED keyboards. If you're ready to leap into the next generation of PC gaming, however, you've got options. Fans of the GT60 and GT70 series can pick up machines rocking NVIDIA's GTX 870M and 880M GPUs from $1,500. MSI's slimmer GE Apache laptops will start at $1,300, opting for the less powerful GTX 850M and 860M GPUs. We fully expect even more laptop manufacturers to announce GPU refreshes in the coming days, but if you can't wait, MSI is ready right now.